Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Right, first off.. How about a little introduction? A couple of weeks ago, I put an idea out on Facebook to see what you lovely people thought of it. Well, seems like you guys were pretty interested so I decided to make my dream, a reality. Ha! Dramatic. Anyway, I'm a little over running and have decided to explore the "realm" of exercise.  

I thought I could include you all so I've decided to start a series where I review workouts. They will either be ones that I find online, or even real life ones! Fun right?! I know the pain of getting half way through a workout online, and realising that it's probably the worst one I've ever done, so I thought I'd spare you that and let you know which ones are the best.

First up, FITNESS BLENDER! This is quite a well known exercise channel on Youtube, they have over 1 million subscribers. The workouts have all been created by a husband and wife team, and they have over 360 full length workout videos on their channel. Clearly, they know what they're doing.


Search - "30 Minute Cardio Workout" / Time - 37 minutes  /  Intensity - Medium
Exercise - Mix of Cardio + Strength  /  Equpiment - None

What doesn't happen?! Basically, there is a warm up, a whole lot of exercises, and the cool down. This workout is very "time" oriented so you are doing an exercise for a set time, rather than for a certain amount of reps. One "set" includes two exercises. You spend 40 seconds doing one exercise, followed by an active rest (jogging on the spot.) Then you spend 40 seconds doing the other exercise, followed by another active rest. These two are repeated, and that's one set.  

Voice over. While there aren't many words of encouragement, he does remind you about form and breathing which definitely helps you focus during the workout.
On Screen Graphics. On screen there is a timer, a calorie counter (not so helpful if you aren't sure where in the range you're burning), and the names of the exercises you're doing come up
Intensity. You can go as hard or easy as you like. Most of the exercises have a slower or easier option, so if you are struggling you can slow it down a bit. Likewise, if you're finding it easier, increase your pace and movement for a bigger burn.
Easy Exercises. Yes, they are hard (physically) but they aren't complicated so you can pick them up pretty quickly. I wasn't familiar with most of them but had no problems with being able to do the movement.

My only criticism, and it's totally a personal preference, was that there was no music. I find that I work harder if I'm working out to a beat, but I still found it pretty easy to focus. I quite like time driven workouts because they encourage you to work as hard as you can, with the reward of a break. You can always play your own music in the background while you're doing this workout, it's definitely something you can work around. 

I actually really enjoyed it. It was a good balance of cardio and strength. Each and every exercise had me puffing and sweaty, and the active rest was a good way to keep your heart rate up even when you're resting. It's also only 37 minutes, so I think that's a good length of time. I'm sure we all have 37 minutes in our day where we can put our sports bra on and get in front of the computer of TV. 

And there you go! My first review. Thankfully, it was a pretty good workout to do. Let me know if you guys try it, and what you thought!


  1. Love this idea! There is so much on youtube, I've never bothered until lately to have an active account. Hence why my handle is ebobbily - it's old ok?

    ps. You look stellar here! Sweet form chick xx

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