Sunday, 19 October 2014


Oops! I totally forgot about my Three Things Sunday last weekend. My Dad came over, and I didn't even manage the three things I had planned to do, so I just kind of boycotted the post. I'm back though, and after a pretty successful week (exercise wise) I'm feeling pretty good about this one.

I'm going to try this one again. It's lighter and warmer now, and I know I'll feel so much better for it. I actually managed one last week, and it was so nice coming home after work and not having to worry about exercising. Plus, I felt more awake during the day. Win win really!

At the moment my focus has kind of shifted from running all the time, to working on more strength training. An awesome friend of mine gave me a three day weights workout a couple of months ago and I haven't touched it in ages. It's so good though (and I definitely feel it for a few days after) so I know that my body will benefit a lot if I keep it up.

I haven't quite specified what kind of invitation this time, I just figure anything is better than nothing. I've got loads of 21st and a couple of wedding, so I think a kids one might be a good idea. It's hard to know what's gonna sell, but I know that Mum's definitely frequent Etsy quite a bit, and themed parties are always a winner!

So, there we go. I do have two exercise focused goals, only because health and fitness is currently my priority. It makes me feel good, and my body and mind benefits from it so I figure it's a pretty healthy way to be. Have you guys got anything you want to work on this week?


  1. Your exercise goals are awesome and reminding me that I totally need to get back into the fitness game. Great post!

    1. Oh thank you!! So far I've achieved one and am planning the other for tonight :) Not too hard when you set yourself achievable goals!