Friday, 24 October 2014


Every Friday I'll be sharing a wee collection of links with you. From DIY to my favourite music tracks, there will be something for everyone.

Uh, hello pretty furniture! I first saw this on Let's Die Friends and had to have a little look for myself. Man, don't they have the neatest and most unique home and decor items. I'll have one of everything please. Okay, make that two!

I really love this from Wonderforest. I think fashion really is just another way to express yourself, and there's no way that we should be worrying what other people think. Hello! It's a reflection of your personality, and you should let it shine. I actually felt quite liberated when I cut my hair. Never did I think I'd do it, but I guess I was just a stage where I didn't really care anymore. Hair grows back! Be fearless. Do what you want.

Even if you aren't a designer, like myself, I'm sure you can appreciate a great piece of design. This one is perfect. I love the colours and pattern, and how clean and fresh it is. 

Isn't this little bed nook the sweetest? I really wish I owned a house when I see these kind of posts. I'm really into hanging plants at the moment and it's pretty hard to recreate when you can't drill into your walls or ceiling.

Oh my goodness, yum! As I've mentioned before, I have a "sort of" issue with gluten so this recipe is perfect. I'm a huge fan of fruit, especially the hot kind, and have been missing out on crumbles all winter. Not anymore! A super easy recipe and a fairly small ingredient list. My kind of dessert.

I'm sure you would have heard this one by now, but I bet you'll listen to it again anyway. Lorde is just so talented, and this song caught me from the very first note. I'm not a very big lyric person, I generally like a song because of the beat and melody, rather than the lyrics. I love these though and they are perfect for Hunger Games. Perfect.


Not only is today Friday, but we've got a long weekend this weekend! YAY! Pretty much the ultimate weekend. Tonight I'm having out with some lovely ladies, and then spending some quality time with my Mum and Grandma on Sunday. We are going to the french markets so I'll definitely have something to share with you next week. Other than that, I think it will be a pretty easy weekend for me.

Hope you guys have a good one! 

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