Wednesday, 9 July 2014

365 Miles Over Days // June Update

Finally, a month that I'm proud of. It has been cold/rainy/dark though, so I have no doubt that my success is all because of Eddy the Treddy (oh yes, that's a thing.) Rob doesn't really like me going out for a run/walk when it's dark so there isn't much time in the morning or evening to get out. Now that I have the treadmill, neither of us have to worry about me being safe outdoors. I was a little bit worried at the beginning, because I wasn't really enjoying running on the treadmill but I'm definitely a lot more used to it now and have managed to figure out how to use it to really improve my fitness.

Here's how I went.

You might notice that there is no longer a monthly challenge statistic. Well, I've given up on that. I wasn't really enjoying doing it, and I prefer to do exercise altogether, rather than just a little bit here and there. I've been doing weights with my runs anyway, so I feel like that's enough. 

This month has been the first month since February that I've done the whole month of miles. I keep getting sick, being injured, running out of time, coming up with excuses, but this month was different. Hard to come up excuses when you have an awesome piece of equipment sitting in front of you though.

Another change this month was interval training. I'd never done it before. I find it pretty hard to do intervals when I'm running outdoors, mostly because I don't know my pace and I find it difficult to motivate myself. With the treadmill, I would run 2 minutes at one speed and then 2 miles at a faster one. This would alternate until I reached the distance I was aiming for. It made it a LOT more interesting, and I felt myself working a whole lot more as well. I also used the treadmill as a warm up and cool down tool, so I'd run for a mile before and after my weight workout. That was hard. But again, it definitely made me work a lot more.

My main goal now is to try and catch up. I'm still quite far behind but I've finally gotten into a routine so I'm not going to slip behind anymore. Six months to go in this challenge, and I'm going to own it. 


  1. Woohoo! You are doing awesomely. I am pretty much stuck somewhere around the 90 miles part (eeek).. but hoping that will change.. Got in a weight lifting rutt.

    1. Haha thank you!! I'm sure you can do it! I find that if I go for a long walk in the weekends it definitely helps to get my miles up. And adding a mile run to your workout could help as well! It's hard though. Especially when, even though you are exercising like crazy, it's not reflected in your miles. We can do it though!