Friday, 11 July 2014

IT'S FRIDAY! // 12

Every Friday I'll be sharing a couple of links to stuff that I think is awesome, and that you might like!

I only stumbled across this blog recently, but man it's good! Dana covers everything from neat DIYs to tips for blogging! This particular post is super helpful. Sometimes blogging templates can be pretty uninspiring, but with these handy tips, your blog can look GREAT! And they are easy to follow, which helps if you don't know too much about websites.

Fairly new to the world of photography and not completely happy with the photos you're taking? Here are some great tips for table top photos! The best part about this, is that you don't even need a fancy camera! It's all about lighting and backgrounds and this post will definitely give you a few more ideas to take photos you are proud of. 

Ahh! This is so cool! There is an engagement shoot floating around Pinterest that has coloured powder and I think it's such a neat idea. It's also an awesome and fun way to bringing colour into a photo shoot. 

I've seen a lot of weaving popping up all over the place, and I must say, I'm pretty keen to give it a try. I love the softness of the yarn and how colourful you can make it look! I'm thinking it would be perfect on our brick wall so maybe I'll give it a go.

This garden party is incredible. And I mean, it's seriously out of this world. I can't even imagine going to a party as amazing as this. From the flowers, to the lights.. The food, to the decorations. Sigh. 

I'm really enjoying this song at the moment. It seems to always come on when I'm driving to and from work and I'm sure everyone around me appreciates how much I get into it. The video clip is actually pretty neat too.

Of course, this video. I'm sure you all know Sia's amazing video clip with the very talented Maddie who dances through the whole thing. Well, she's in this video too, but it might not be exactly what you thought. You have to watch. It's hilarious!


I can't believe this is my twelfth "It's Friday" post. Just goes to show how fast this year is going. We haven't got a whole lot planned for this weekend. Just a couple of family things, but I think this weekend will be a relaxing one. Hope you guys have something nice planned! Enjoy it :) 

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