Friday, 6 June 2014

It's Friday! // 07

Every Friday I'll be sharing a couple of links to stuff that I think is awesome, and that you might like!

Oh my goodness, I love this! All you need is some oven baked clay and pretty nail polish (as well as a few other things) and you have this cute little bowl! I'll definitely be trying this DIY. We've been on the hunt for something to put our keys in and this would be perfect.

You have to have a look at this beautiful engagement shoot. Kinsey has to be one of my favourite photographers and this shoot is just so dreamy. 

The lovely Tillie, from Hello Tillie, wrote a very interesting and honest piece on Abstinence and Moderation. Anyone who is on any kind of fitness/health journey will know how hard it is to stay on track. Coming to terms with what YOU need as an individual can definitely help you reach your goals.

How great are these spotted curtains? They are so easy to do and add just a bit of contrast and pattern to make that room a little more interesting.

I'm yet to really explore the world of gluten and dairy free food but this recipe may have just inspired me. I love any ice cream that has mint involved but lately my tummy hasn't been too happy with any dairy products. Seems like a pretty delicious way to get my fix!

This isn't a new song but I love it. There's something about Bruno Mars. His voice is just so good and I love how all of his music has this old school feel to it. 

And of course, my video of the week. This. Is. Hilarious. I love all three of them and this has to be the funniest (and sort of disgusting) snippet ever. It's an oldie but definitely a goodie.


Well, the weekend is here again. I keep feeling like my days are going pretty slowly but then suddenly Friday is here and I'm doing another one of these features so it mustn't be as bad as I think. I think we'll be having an easy one this weekend. There is a lot of cleaning to be done and I'm feeling like something creative should happen as well. We'll see though! It's a lot easier to say that I'll do something awesome but usually, when the time comes, all I want to do is snuggle up and read. 

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