Wednesday, 4 June 2014

365 Miles Over Days // May Update

Well, another disappointing month. Man! I really need to sort this out. I'm slowly falling more and more behind and it's going to be a pain in the ass to try and catch up. I was sick for about two weeks this month which set me back a bit and now that it's getting a bit colder it's getting harder to get motivated. Plus, Mr. Key isn't too happy with me going out in the dark which leaves me a pretty small window before and after work to exercise.

I have a plan though, and something that is going to help me a LOT in the miles front. Rob and I bought a treadmill! It was pretty scary and there was a lot of umming and ahhing but we decided to do it. To some of you it might seem a bit silly. Why would we spend so much when we could be running outside. I tell you, finding the motivation to go out in the cold is hard. We've thought about it. Running seems to be the only exercise that I truly stick with (and sort of enjoy) so I know that it will be a big part of my exercise regime forever. It also means that there are really no excuses (apart from sickness and injury.) Rob is also keen to get fitter so we're only going to benefit from it. And I promise I will use it. 

I've run on it a couple of times now. Running on the treadmill is pretty different to running outside and I find it a bit harder to stay motivated during a run. Mostly because I know that I can stop at anytime. Once I get music sorted though and into a better routine I think it's going to be great. I'm planning on mixing it up with my weights session as well and introducing some interval training. 

Anyway. Here is how May went.

Another low month. Not much improvement in my time (mostly because I didn't run enough so there wasn't much to compare it too. I'm still trying to make sure that I'm running more than walking, so at least I managed that much. The month challenge went out the window (and I think it might for the rest of the year.) I prefer to have my designated exercise time and be done with it. For me, this challenge is more about the miles anyway so I'm not too bothered.

This month, I'm going to TRY and run everyday (no exuses now!) or at least every second day. There will be a 5km walk/run at least once a week and I'm going to catch up. Not all at once, I plan on doing AT LEAST an extra 10 miles on top of the 30 for the month. 

June. You're mine. 


  1. You can do it! At least with the treadmill it is a little more inviting to go for a run :)

    1. Thanks Amanda! Those are my thoughts exactly. No having to go outside in the cold or being scared in the dark haha.