Sunday, 4 May 2014

365 Miles Over Days // April Update

Another disappointing month (even my photos are disappointing.) I seriously need to get my head in the game. I just seem to have lost a lot of motivation. Not only am I struggling with my 365 Miles challenge, I'm also finding it hard to be creative on the computer. Funnily enough, I'm fine if I'm away from my computer (I actually have a couple of DIYs to share with you) but I can't seem to get it together on screen. Such as life though, and I've decided that May is going to be better. Here is how April went.

Side note. I actually just realised I had been saying my pace in miles, but it was actually in kilometres. So, that's why it's gone down quite a lot - but it's definitely accurate now. It's also not all bad. Yes, I'm still behind on my miles. Yes, I didn't complete my monthly challenge. But I improved my running distance (to 3.3 miles) and I'm running at a consistent pace and maybe this month I'll be able to improve it a little bit. I've also decided that I will run every second day for the whole of May (no excuses) and I will run no less than 4km per run. I'm going to sort my thinking out and get those miles back.

I'm about 20-25 miles behind, so I figure, if I run at least 2 miles every second day, I'll catch up by 15 this month. Hopefully it will only take me a couple of months (without going crazy) to be back on track. It's seriously so easy (as in it only takes 25-30mins a day) but it's getting a bit cold and bed is always way too comfortable. It's all in my head though. This month's challenge is 600 burpees (about 20 a day) which is going to be hard. Stay tuned though, because I'm gonna kick May's butt. 


  1. I love this idea! You have such a great way of tracking everything!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I find that if things look pretty, I might be more motivated to do it. It also keeps me on track with my goals :)