Monday, 5 May 2014

Design // Laura Laura Blog

Laura from LauraLaura Lifestyle Blog is seriously awesome and it was so great working with her on her new blog brand. Luckily, she totally loved the moodboard I did for her, so I already knew we were on the same page. As she was after handdrawn typography, it definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit. She wanted LauraLaura but also two capital L's so she could use them as an alternative logo. 

Laura decided that she loved the heart concept. Funnily enough, we had never discussed hearts, but with all the looping (and a bit of Jessica Hische inspiration) I thought I'd add one in. Luckily, Laura was into it. The development stage was refining the letters and experimenting with different strokes. 

For the final design, Laura went with the thin stroke and we settled on the capital and lowercase L (including the heart of course.) The pink was part of her The Dizain Collective branding so that stayed, as well as introducing a light pink and grey - as alternative colours.

Make sure you check out her sweet little blog. She covers such a huge range of topics from yummy recipes to really helpful beauty tips. 


  1. WOW Kate! Looking really good! You need to show me how you got your stroke so smooth!

    1. Haha! Thanks Dawn :) I'm really happy with how it turned out. As to the smooth stroke, I have no idea! Just lucky I guess? Haha.