Friday, 2 May 2014

It's Friday! // 03

Every Friday I'll be sharing a couple of links to stuff that I think is awesome, and that you might like!

Daily Dishonesty is one of my favourite sites. The wonderful Lauren Hom creates lovely typographic lies. You should definitely have a look. I've seen a few that would look great on my wall.

Mother's Day is coming and I've just found the prettiest gift guide from Creature Comforts. Forget Mum, I want them all!

Wondering what to have for dinner? Zeni from MakeLikeZen has shared a simple but delicious couscous dish as part of her Simple series. Make sure you check out her other recipes. They are perfect for those of us (two hands for me!) that aren't too confident in the kitchen. 

This post by Helen from xhelensarahx is seriously good and something that I can definitely relate to. When you're on your own journey - whether it be for creativity, health, love - it's really easy to compare yourself to others. But we have to remember that what works for others, may not work for you.

While I was browsing Etsy, I found this wonderful shop that does the most beautiful temporary tattoos. They also do custom ones, which would be perfect for a funky wedding favour! 

This song is brought to you by two amazing NZ artists. I love this song.

And of course, my funny link for the week - another Jimmy Fallon video. This time he faces off with Emma Stone in an epic lip sync battle. This just made me fall a little more in love with Emma Stone.


This weekend is going to be a pretty busy one. We have a Gatsby themed birthday party to go to, and have decided to do a little twist with our costumes. I can't wait to share it with you next week! 

Hope your Friday is good one x

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