Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Moodboard // Blueprint

Last year I worked on a pretty exciting project for the Titirangi Youth Ministry at Titirangi Baptist Church. I actually keep meaning to post up some photos but I just keep running out of time. I promise I'll show you by next week. 

After giving the Youth Ministry a nice new look, I was approached to "rebrand" another part of the church called Blueprint. The information booklet had a very natural and "arty" feel to it and they wanted to carry that over to all aspects of the youth group. I decided to make a moodboard to try and gauge what kind of look they were after. I've only dabbled in moodboards. I tend to forget about them when I first start a project. They are so much fun though, and they really help when you are trying to piece together how a brand is going to look. A couple of my favourite design blogs share their moodboards so I thought I'd give it a try. Stay tuned for a couple more - providing that I have some design work to show you!

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