Thursday, 6 March 2014

Our Little Home : Mantelpiece I

As you all know, about a month ago, my lovely man and I moved into a little place of our own. I've slowly been adding bits and pieces to the flat to make it feel a little more like a home. Being creative is definitely hard. I've seen so many things that I like and it's hard to try and focus on one sort of style. I know that it will end up being quite eclectic, but I want it to be cohesive. Ha! Good luck, I hear you say. You're probably right. I seem to have embarked on a pretty impossible mission, but I reckon I can do it.

We have this wonderful brick wall, with an open fireplace. It's also the only space where we can really decorate. All of our walls are concrete, and while I know that there are ways around nailing things to the wall, I'm a bit hesitant about putting too much stuff up. Obviously, the brick is too good to leave it as is, so I've been having a look on Pinterest for some ideas on how to make it look awesome. 

Because I have no money (a girl's gotta eat!) but a lot of creativity, I figured DIY is probably the best way to go. Layering is definitely going to be my best option, with loads of mismatched frames and little trinkets. Finding a way to make it look good and styled is going to be the hardest part.

We have a neutral theme going on at the moment - I'm too scared to choose a colour that I won't get sick of, so I thought I would try my hand at a large black and white print. We've already got quite a lot of patterns going on (do you see those polka dots) but I love pattern on pattern. 

bouffants and broken hearts / helium tea / inaluxe / hannah waldron / marimekko ruutukaava

These are some works that are inspiring me at the moment. I'm definitely loving the intricate patterns and the geometric shapes. This kind of thing would work so well with the brick wall. Texture over texture. My favourite. I also think it would be pretty easy to do by hand. I love taking a step back from the computer, picking up a pencil and just going crazy.

I think this might be my project for this weekend. 

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