Tuesday, 4 March 2014

February on Instagram

February was a pretty big month. On the 8th, Rob and I moved into our own little rental. So far so good, you guys! We've been slowly settling in. It still kind of feels like we are just house sitting for someone else, but I'm slowly putting my mark on the place. One thing that I've realised (and you may think I'm a bit silly) is that while it's fun to be thrifty, you still need a bit of money to do projects for around the house. It's been a little frustrating to not be able to do all the DIYs I want, but I'm really enjoying seeing our house come slowly together. We have no art up at the moment, which makes me sad, but I know we'll get there. We have plenty of time. 

1. Dress ups   2. DIY Coasters  3. Valentine's Day  4. DIY Cushion Cover   5. Morning runs  6. DIY Planters  7. Trying new places  8. First day at our new home  9. Markets

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  1. Those coasters, cushion cover and pots are so so cute. Yay for new beginnings and old loves :)