Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Triangle Art

Last week, I shared a wee photo of our wonderful brick mantelpiece and some inspiration for the kind of art I want displayed there. Well, I finished it! I used whatever I had nearby which unfortunately didn't include any white paper. While I really like what I've done, it wasn't quite right on the old mantel so it's migrated to our bedroom. I actually love it there so that's fine but now I'm still stuck with an empty mantelpiece.

I used : a typo bag (clever eh?) / pink paper / black and white print / scissors / gluestick / pen

To be honest, I seriously had no idea what I was doing. I just started with triangles (naturally, triangles are my jam guys!) and it just went from there. I kept referring back to my inspiration, drawing on the patterns in those works to help me figure out how I wanted my triangles to look. You could totally do this at home as well! Just cut out a bunch of triangles, lay them out, and then add your own triangles with whatever pattern you want.It's a nice, simple, textural piece and can help if you are wanting to tie your home decor colours together without going crazy. I loved being off my computer and doing some good old fashioned penwork. I think you'll be seeing quite a bit more of that on the blog.


  1. This is brilliant! I love that you just went at it. That's what I did for my envelopes with my latest letters and they turned out a treat. My memory can even tell me where the end result inspo came from :)

    Can't wait to see all your creations!
    I've been running/walking/cycling at least 2km every day. You and Tillie are so inspiring!

    1. Thanks Ebony! I think, sometimes, over thinking things can really hinder your progress. Your envelopes were rad. Being creative seriously rules.

      Awesome about your running/walking/cycling. It's so cool seeing you jump on board! I hope you're loving it.