Tuesday, 14 October 2014


curtain dress / pattern  / robe / diy / branding / trousers

I love floral. Floral anything! It's actually pretty strange because on one side, I'm really drawn to more geometric shapes and patterns, but on the other I totally love soft, romantic, floral stuff. I'm honestly so eclectic, I don't know how I manage to settle on anything. The thing about floral, that I really love, is how different it can be. The types of pattern vary from light to dark and moody, perfect for every mood you're in.

These are all wonderful though and I've already decided that I want all of them.


  1. This is such a pretty round up. I'm like you! I'm drawn to geometrics but there's something I love about a pretty floral. I've got floral jeans but they're a bit faded now. Love the floral trousers in the last pic.

    1. Thanks Nicola!! Oh yeah definitely haha. And so hard to find a balance with the two! Oh cute, yeah they are my favourite! I think I'll have to find some :) x