Sunday, 5 October 2014


I'm feeling like I'm finally back on track. I've made goals and pretty much stuck to them. This weekend I caught up on some projects that I've been meaning to do for ages and I managed the majority of my Three Things Sunday. It definitely feels good to be back, and I'm planning on keeping it up for the next week.

This might be a bit hard. I actually prefer running in the morning and I find that it really sets me up for the rest of the day, but it's been dark and cold and bed is always more comfortable. I know I'll feel better for it though, so I'm really going to try this week. 

Our home is slowly coming together but I would love to have more art work. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of hooks and aren't allowed to put any nails in the walls so most of our art leans. It actually looks pretty neat but I'd like to have a lot more. There are so many wonderful prints out there, but I figure, I can paint and design so I might as well make the most of my skills. We have this beautiful exposed brick wall so I really want to create something that will look great against it.

I've never had much of a sweet tooth, but lately I've really been finding myself craving chocolate and lollies. Bad. There are so many healthy options out there and I'm going to try one this week. I really love fruit so I think it will be something fruit based. Yum!

The week just been was good. I went for two runs (I know I said three but I figure two is better than none.) I wore make up 4 times this week, just a light bb cream, mascara and a bit of bronzer. Each time I looked in the mirror I felt a little bit more proud of my appearance. Not more confident, just a bit more put together. It's definitely encouraged me to put more effort in, just for work and when I go out. And I created that baby shower invitation

All in all, I'm pretty happy with  how my week went. I'm feeling a lot more motivated and excited to get things done. This feature has been so good for me. It really helps to have that little push to get shit done. 


  1. Get the sticky hooks! OR make holes and get Ben to fill and paint them before you move out. YAY for a good week! Proud of you xxx

    1. Yeah! I was thinking about the sticky hooks but our walls are all concrete and Dad mentioned that they don't stick very well because the walls are so cold. I forgot about Ben! I might just have to take you up on that offer haha. Thank you girl xxx