Friday, 19 September 2014


Every Friday I'll be sharing a wee collection of links with you. From DIY to my favourite music tracks, there will be something for everyone.

As I've mentioned before, I've been trying to go gluten free (or at least avoid it.) I find that it makes me feel better if I don't eat it, but sometimes I just don't care enough to not eat it. This cake though, would make it all worth it. YUUUUM. And it has a whole block of chocolate in it. Hello! 

I've only just recently stumbled across this blog, and I love it. Geneva is just so clever and creative, and she's totally inspired me to learn how to sew. Check out all the amazing stuff she's made or tailored! Hey Rob, Christmas is soon and a sewing machine would make a pretty swish gift. Just saying. 

Seriously, how beautiful is this? From the dress to the flowers, it's so perfect. And that venue! This is like, my dream wedding venue but unfortunately, Auckland kind of lacks this sort of thing. Destination wedding anyone?

Woah. How cool is this? Salt, citrus fruit and herbs is all you need for this neat idea! I never would have thought of this myself, but it totally makes sense. I'm definitely going to try it out. There's no excuse really, when it's this easy!

I told you guys that I was gonna drink a green smoothie this week, and I sure did! I was on the hunt for yummy recipes, and this site is awesome. They have so many great combinations that you're sure to find something that includes whatever you have on hand.

Ugly Heart has been around for a little while, and it isn't lyrically genius, but I really love it. It's awesome to sing, dance, jump along to, and it just makes me happy. Don't laugh, but I've even tried to learn the dance on the video clip. So what! Sometimes it's good to have fun and pretend to be a kid again.

Instead of showing you guys a video, I'm just gonna show you a YouTube channel. I've never been one to sit on YouTube for hours and find funny/strange/gross videos, but I really like this Buzzfeed channel. They are hilarious and awkward, and so darn honest! Give them a watch (and sorry if they've been around for ages and I'm the last one on this boat.)

Iiiiit's Friday! Thank goodness. I've had a pretty shit week (which included my car getting written off on Wednesday) so I'm pretty happy about the weekend being here. It's going to be all about me relaxing and trying to sort out a new car. Ugh. The positive thing is that I'm okay and no one was hurt. Gotta find that silver lining somewhere! 

What have you guys got planned? Anything fun?


  1. Thanks for sharing your week. Glad it was only your car and not you that got written off.

    1. Haha thank you Keryn! I feel exactly the same way :) x