Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Alright, let's get this started. You can see the "rules" here, but basically I asked 5 of my creative friends to come up with an easy and effective way to wrap gifts. Here is Zenica and her lace and flower idea!

I absolutely love what Zeni has done. It's such a sweet idea and you could use any flower that you have in the garden. 

W H A T  Y O U  N E E D :
Brown paper

T H E  E X T R A S :

Here's how you do it. 

Wrap your gift however neatly with the brown paper, and fasten with tape. I have been known to use masking tape, duct tape, electrical tape, or even no tape and have relied on the string to hold the paper together. If you just go with what you have, and make it look purposeful, then you'll be able to make it work! 

Wrap a length of lace (or ribbon, strip of material, etc) around the width of the gift and fasten with tape on the bottom or tie with a knot on the top. 

Tie the string as many times around the width and length of the gift as you'd like and tie with a bow on the top. Tie in a flower or two to add a thoughtful touch (fresh or dried lavender looks and smells beautiful with this gift wrap).

And there you have it! A beautiful but simple idea that will definitely make any present shine!

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