Friday, 20 June 2014

It's Friday! // 09

Every Friday I'll be sharing a couple of links to stuff that I think is awesome, and that you might like!

New to the baking scene like me? Brit + Co. has sourced 25 lovely sites with great baking tips. I've never really liked baking, but after checking out a couple of these lessons, I'm feeling a bit more confident.

The wonderful girls from A Beautiful Mess have come up with a super cute photo series. I think I might steal borrow this idea and do one for me and Rob. 

Oh my goodness. This Whimsical + Romantic Engagement session is so sweet. I love Laura's dress and the whole set up is just so lovely. They look so comfortable together, and of course, in love. Ahh! 

Um. YUM. Yum yum yum! I'm seriously drooling over here. This combines two of the best treats ever. Donuts and Icecream. Plus they look pretty great. And by great I mean seriously delicious.

Cocorrina always has the most lovely printables/downloads. These recipe cards have totally inspired me to design my own. I might have to do some for my next From Me To You feature! 

I really didn't like this song when I first heard it. Really. But I'm one of those people that don't like the "popular" songs at the beginning and then they grow on me and I LOVE them. Every time I hear this song I think of this, so maybe that's why I like it. 

I haven't got a funny video for you this time.. More, just an amazing video. These sisters are so talented and way too sweet. It's so lovely when you see family come together and produce something special.


Man this week has been slow. I'm in a creative rut again, but luckily, I've been on form when it comes to exercise. Three runs this week (I've pretty much done my 7 miles for the week) with 3 days (including tonight) to go! I really want to catch up a bit this month so I'm going to stay on top of it.

If the weather holds, we are going for a little trip up to the Coromandel with a couple of friends. I'm so looking forward to a break and of course a bit of adventuring. Hopefully I'll have some photos to show you next week! I've missed using my camera so fingers crossed the weather plays nice.

I hope you have a good one! :) 


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    1. I know!! Too good almost. Such a cute and easy idea for dessert though, especially if you had friends over!

  2. Replies
    1. Such a neat idea right? Those girls can seriously do no wrong in my eyes haha :)