Wednesday, 7 May 2014

DIY // Great Gatsby Costume

In the weekend, we went to a Great Gatsby/1920s Themed Birthday Party. Such a great theme and everyone dressed up which was awesome. I've been to way too many parties where only half of the crowd has bothered to dress up and it really takes the fun away. I had planned on going as a girl. I actually had a cute dress that was an old dancing costume. But after speaking with my friend who was in a bit of a pickle with what to wear, I suggested that her, Rob and I all go as Gatsby guys. Best idea ever. It was pretty easy, plus we looked rad. 

black pants / white shirt / black suspenders / bowtie / black blazer

While we were obviously going as guys, we wanted to still look feminine so Pat and I decided to pair our look with red lipstick and heels. I had to buy a bit of my costume, but I managed to find some pretty great deals and can totally wear it all again! Pat didn't need to buy anything though, so that just proved that it's a pretty easy costume to sort out. 

And of course. Some fun photos. Please excuse the quality - the lighting was average and they were all taken on my IPhone. It was such a great theme and maybe my favourite costume ever! I might have to try to work the next theme so I can have an excuse to wear it again.

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