Friday, 9 May 2014

Design // TBC Youth Information Booklet

This was probably the biggest freelance project I've worked on. I realise that it's "just" an information booklet, but it was a big step from the logos that I have been doing here and there. 

Matt (the Youth Pastor from Titirangi Baptist Church) wanted a way to share more about their youth ministry without being exclusive or intimidating. We didn't want the reader to be bombarded by information so the booklet ended up being quite image oriented, which I totally love. I feel like you get more of the "essence" of TBC from seeing the photos. As the ministry often takes trips that are set in very "natural" enviroments, the wide images and organic/handdrawn feel perfectly represents their group.

All photos used were taken by either Matt or their talented photographer, Brooke Weir.

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