Monday, 31 March 2014

March on Instagram

March was an alright month. It's started to get a little colder, which I'm honestly pretty stoked about. While I do enjoy the sun, Summer really isn't my month. I have no doubt though, that when Winter comes around I'll be wishing it was January again.

I've definitely been a bit more adventurous this month. I've started a new weights workout. I'm loving it. It's only week 3 though so who knows how I'll feel at the end of April. I've attempted (and failed) at baking. And I've done a few more DIY projects. I keep meaning to share them on the blog, but my problem with them is that they aren't really tutorial type posts. When I "do it myself" I tend to pick easy projects that are more a bit more personal. What I mean by that, is that there aren't really any steps. I just grab whatever I need and go for it. I might share them though - if anything, just as "inspiration" posts rather than DIYs.

1. New Triangle Art   2. This curious little guy   3. Going out   4. Clear skies   5. My growing collection of house plants   6. Baking   7. Weights   8. A little engagement invitation   9. Exploring our new neighbourhood


  1. Hello new banner up there. I like you more than the last one =)

    1. Yay! Yeah, I had a little blog overhaul and tidied everything up a little bit. It definitely feels more me. And sometimes I think simple is best!