Friday, 26 September 2014


Every Friday I'll be sharing a wee collection of links with you. From DIY to my favourite music tracks, there will be something for everyone.

Tillie is seriously one of the best people I know and she's just opened her own Etsy store! It's full of inspirational and fun quotes all designed by her. Check it out, there's bound to be one that speaks to you!

Watercolour is my jam. Always. I seem to have two sides of me, one that is drawn to really soft watercolour type imagery, and the other loves geometric shapes with bright colours. Today, I'm feeling the softer side. How fun is this cake though? And the best part is, you can totally do it yourself! Can someone please make me a cake to decorate? Thanks. 

I've really been trying with makeup. I used to wear it for dancing but never seemed to master makeup that worked for everyday wearing. These tips totally help though. I never would have thought of half of these (especially the red lipstick one! Mind. Blown.) but I will definitely be giving them a go.

I've only recently stumbled across Jamie Kay's corner of the internet but wow. I love every single item in that store and if I wasn't so poor, I would honestly be buying it all. Those blankets are my favourite.

Yum! This looks like such a delicious drink, and it's just in time for Spring (also, summer is only a couple of months away). I love how easy it is, I'm not really a fan of huge ingredient lists and it would even work with a bit of vodka or something as well. Yum yum yum.

Is currently my favourite one to sing while I'm driving. Paloma Faith has such a beautiful and unique voice and this song is so good. I'm not going to say that I pull it off (those high notes!) but I guess that's why she's a singer and I'm not. Anyway, give it a listen.

These guys are talented. Like, crazy talented. They were first noticed on the acapella show The Sing Off in America and have been just getting better and better since then. This is only one of their songs, but man. Check them all out. When you realise the whole song is really just the five of them and their voices, you'll understand how amazing they are.


And that was the week! This week has been strange. Not really my best but oh well, there is always next week to pick myself back up again. I'm still waiting to hear about my car but it's looking good so far so that's something to feel positive about! Rob has family over from Australia so our weekend will probably be one full of catching up and family time.

What have you guys got planned?

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