Friday, 29 August 2014


Hello friends, I'm back!! After a wonderful week away it's nice to be home, but not so great to be at work. However, that's life! We did a whole lot of exploring, swimming and snorkelling and even saw some whales and dolphins. Dad and Donna treated us to a whale watching trip which was so amazing! There were whales only about 50 metres away from us. You're allowed to swim with them but they were a bit too playful so we didn't get a good look underwater. Pretty amazing though to see these huge creatures so close.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our trip.

Drinking fresh coconuts!
My lovely Nana and Grandpa with their famous MakFurly burgers!

Our local Niueans (Dad and Evil Step Mother - who's not evil at all!) husking coconuts

Our family land in Liku

And of course, I had to finish off with some underwater photos! Luckily Dad had an underwater camera (I'm definitely going to buy one) so we managed to get some pretty awesome photos. I'm thinking about making a scrapbook for all our travel adventures so that's going to be my little project for the weekend.

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