Friday, 27 June 2014

It's Friday! // 10

Every Friday I'll be sharing a couple of links to stuff that I think is awesome, and that you might like!

How sweet are these? They look like naughty treats but they are actually pretty healthy! Plus, they sound delicious. I might try this next time I'm craving something sweet. 

Brit + Co. is definitely one of my new favourite blogs. They have so many great collections of ideas that come from all over the place! This one is no different. I had never really heard of airbnb's until recently but I'm hooked! So many amazing places, and this list has the best!

Tillie is honestly one of the best people I know and she's done it again with this totally honest piece of writing about comparison and self love. I know that I'm definitely someone who compares myself and my success to other people around me. Who doesn't!? We learn this from a very young age and it's a pretty hard habit to shake. Tillie's right though. It starts with you.

Oh yum! Another dairy free and gluten free (almost guilt free!) dessert. To be honest, I don't know how many recipes I'll actually try. Half of the time I just like to show them for their beautiful styling. Look at it! Even if I didn't eat it, I could gaze at it all day. 

Two great articles in one week! This time, Helen from xhelensarahx, has written a really thought provoking piece on Redefining Normal. I think when you are on any weight loss journey, regardless of your method, things definitely change - especially your perspective. To be successful, your whole relationship with food has to change and this can take a bit of time. You really do have to redefine what's "normal" for you to stay on track and not slip back into bad habits.

Sam Smith is officially my new favourite artist. Oh my goodness his voice. Rob and I have listening to it on repeat. I love this song. His whole album is full of love songs. Not necessarily the lovey dovey kind, but more the heartbreak kind. A lot of albums come out with a couple of stand out songs, but the album as a whole, seems to fall flat. While his songs do sound similar, In The Lonely Hour is wonderful when it's listened to right through. It kind of reminds me of Lorde. Yes, her songs have the same kind of "sound" as well, but the album is seriously magical.

And finally, my video! Another slack week on the video front, but I think this one will have to do! It's actually pretty hilarious. I'm so glad my Mum didn't threaten to throw me a First Moon Party when I was younger. 


Another week gone! This one's been alright. Nothing exciting to report! We've got a busy weekend coming up. Rob's niece is fundraising to go to LA to compete at the World's Hip Hop Championship and her parent's are having a social on Saturday night. It's going to be such a good night. I even did a bit of shopping last night and have a brand new dress to wear. Ahh the little things!

I hope you guys have a good one :) 

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