Wednesday, 23 April 2014

DIY // Ring Ring Print

This is another one of my DIY's that is a "do it yourself" but doesn't come with a tutorial. I think my problem (well, it's up to you if it's a problem or not) is that I just go for it, without really planning. Which means that I don't really have many DIY posts for you that you can follow point by point.

It's all part of the fun though. Yes, it's great to get inspiration and sometimes ideas don't really come together until you've done a bit of research.. But sitting down with a pen and paper can be where the magic happens too.

We aren't really allowed to put stuff on our walls (unless we use 3M hooks) so I've been a bit hesitant about dreaming up cute decor. We did have a hook above our little "phone space" though and I had been thinking about creating a print for it. I didn't have much lying around, except for this lovely frame and some paper. I was tossing up between "Call Me Maybe" and "Ring Ring, Why Don't You Give Me A Call." I was too scared to attempt something as long as the "ring ring" quote, but I did like the idea of having something simple so "Ring Ring" it was.

All I did was draw the oval to fit the frame, write my quote "Ring Ring" and then colour the oval in using a circular scribble pattern. I just liked the idea of it having a bit more texture - definitely looked better than if I had tried to colour it in normally.

Then I drew the little scallop design around the outside and coloured in the shape the same as the oval.

Voila. Easiest project ever.

I've also included a little snap of our cute as succulents/cactis on our brickwall. They might just be my favourite part of our house. It's so nice seeing it all come together. I have to admit that it hasn't happening as fast I'd like, but it's okay. At least thought is going into each aspect instead of filling it up with rubbish. 

I'm thinking about working on a photo type project this weekend, so I'll try and make it a little more DIYish for ya.


  1. LOVE! Its super cute miss Kate. And man, I can't wait to get some succs up in here. ha