Tuesday, 21 August 2012

"At the Races" 21st invitation.

Here is a 21st invitation I did for a lovely friend of mine, Miss Ellie Cope. Her theme was "At the Races." This was a little worrying as I'm not the BIGGEST fan of horses (physically and designerly?). Turns out they are not nearly as scary to illustrate as I first thought and I love how this invitation has come together.

Invitations are one of my favourite things to design because everyone has a different personalities and different ideas. Already, this invitation is worlds apart from my Halloween invitation last year. Loving the challenges!


  1. The horses was the scariest part? I thought it would be illustrating me! They were beautiful my dear friend, totally captured the feel for the night!

    1. Haha don't be silly! That was the easiest part :) Beautiful girl you are. BTW. I know it says Anonymous but I'm assuming its Ellie? Haha xx

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