Thursday, 5 July 2012

A little handmade gift!

So, as I'm slowly turning my, once design blog into an EVERYTHING blog, I thought I'd combine my work that I've done on Mishkat.

Here is a little gifty for one of my closest friends, Kathryn. It was her 21st yesterday and unfortunately I couldn't make it (sick with an awful awful flu!). However, I did manage to make her something special!I t's an illustrated wooden frame with hand sewn character (dude with the moustache) and a few little snapshots of cute times I've shared with her!!


  1. I love love love this girl. Love this. Alot. The little doodles on the pictures are perfect!

  2. Thanks chick! :) I'm really loving doing illustrated frames.. Make such good presents and so easy to personalise for the person you're giving it to!